Tips for a successful campaign targeted at tweens

November 20, 2013


Tweens, children ranging in age from 8 to 12, are an emerging economic force even if mom and dad still control the purse strings. Tweens can see their teenage years on the horizon, years that many of them equate with freedom. More and more, companies are recognizing the benefits of marketing to tweens to get an early start on brand loyalty.

 Tips for a successful campaign targeted at tweens:

  •  Empower them:

Tweens are just starting to spread their wings. They feel too old for “childish” things and restrictions, but are not yet ready for the relative independence of a teenager. Effective marketing will aim at making a tween feel more in control of his or her life.

  •  Help them feel they belong to a community.

Tweens are less prone to “fringe” behavior than teens. Products that are presented with a social setting will be more appealing to tweens. Girls in particular are more likely to respond positively to a sense of belonging.

  •  Mix fantasy with reality.

Kids love fantasy while teens are more rooted in reality. Tweens will feel insulted by too much fantasy and will likely be bored by too much reality. Marketing to tweens must be a blend of fantasy and reality. Using an approach of “realistic escapism” is more likely to appeal to tweens.

  •  Use online and offline approaches.

Combine online marketing campaigns with real-world marketing where tweens are likely to have a great real-world experience.

Tweens are a significant market, and savvy marketers won’t miss this fact.

One of the best ways to built brand loyalty with those future customers is not trying to sell them product or services now, but inviting them to take the first step via great experiences and fun, participatory events that encourage community building.

If you succeed with creating the image of a fun place to exist or interact, the brand will stick in their heads for years to come. This is what building a brand image about.

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