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Let Teens Suffer… And Figure It Out

December 5, 2015


As parents, it is very hard to witness your teen suffer. Your reflex is either to build a shield around them or give them the solution. Think twice before letting your instinct take over. Wouldn’t it be better for your teenager to learn by himself/herself how to cope with life’s adversities? It is very difficult […]

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One Year Old And Already Racing Ahead

September 30, 2015


September was a special month for Give Us The Floor. It’s our first anniversary. And we launched the first “semester themes“, the first product of our very special process for letting teenagers decide for themselves what they need: the teens voted to focus on two broad themes. The results are Health (Mental & Physical) and […]

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Free The Children & We Day: A High-Scale Achievement

February 20, 2014


I was invited last week by a dear friend to join Craig and Marc Kielburger and share the wonderful experience of participating in the preview of Free The Children’s upcoming California “We Day.” Free The Children was started 19 years ago by a 12 year old boy who couldn’t just accept what he’d just read […]

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