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Free The Children & We Day: A High-Scale Achievement

February 20, 2014


I was invited last week by a dear friend to join Craig and Marc Kielburger and share the wonderful experience of participating in the preview of Free The Children’s upcoming California “We Day.” Free The Children was started 19 years ago by a 12 year old boy who couldn’t just accept what he’d just read […]

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Teens And Risk: It’s Also About Media And Marketing Responsibility

February 15, 2014


A 2013 research article published in the journal Judgment and Decision Making illustrates that teens have unrealistic perceptions of potential risks. Data from over 3,400 teens was examined over a two year period, where self-risk assessments were compared to actual risk outcomes. Teens almost always reported that there was little – even no – chance […]

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Instagram: Not Safe for Tweens And Teens, Not Safe for Brands

February 8, 2014


With 200 millions active users claimed, brands start to see Instagram as the best platform for building out a social media presence, as explained by VentureBeat. I am warning brands that target tweens and teens that Instagram is not a safe place for them, and that brands must be very careful of how they engage this […]

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Some Interesting Statistics On Tweens And The Way They Think

February 4, 2014

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Source: The Futures Company

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